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Beach at End of Trail

Beach at End of Trail

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Day trip to oldest protected wilderness in Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco, which started the ball rolling in 1963. In the 50's a Danish/Swedish couple Karen Morgenson & Olaf Wessburg were shocked by the destruction of rainforest so they set about protecting it. Tragically, Olaf was murdered in 1975 defending the conservation campaign. We have a great hike 9 km round trip to beach and back...see pics - these are all Bon's!

Cabo Blanco Reserve

"The “godparents” of the Costa Rican park movement were aspiring fruit farmers, Karen Morgenson and Olof “Nick” Wessberg, who landed in the Nicoya Peninsula on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific coast in 1955. They settled in Montezuma because of its quiet natural beauty and the fact that they were living next to one of the last wilderness areas on the peninsula, Cabo Blanco (White Cape). When it became endangered, Olof and Karen’s worldwide campaign provided funding for Cabo Blanco’s purchase and donation as a park to Costa Rica. Tragically, Olof was senselessly murdered on the Osa Peninsula where the couple worked on the environmental effort that would create Corcovado National Park. Karen continued as a tireless advocate for the ecology until her death in 1994. Her personal legacy is expressed in a 600-hectare/1,482-acre rivate reserve that bears her name. Stay at a primitive lodge or camp. Contact the grass roots environmental group to learn more."

From Blog About Karen Morgenson Reserve

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