Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

On the road again

The countryside sweeps past



A long climb

Inside the ceramics studio

Molding a turtle

Ready to fire


Where the fired pieces are coated and decorated with glaze

Glazing the sun

Skilled hands


The knight and lady


A lady

This guy just stood there for a long time

Lunch of a rice ball - very salty and tasty

enjoying lunch


A family from our tour



A nice quiet park





Anne the beggar

Just to remind you where we are

on the road to the archeological site

The nearby town

The site

A scale model of the site

The famous bikini girls

same today


These were all floor decorations




A massive room


Exterior of the massive room

Tasting Antonio's almond wine

His private label


Traffic circles are abundant


The Bishop's house that is now a hotel


View from the hotel

Entry #18 June 5, 2011

Wow! The bus wasn't scheduled to leave until 9AM! After a couple of hours, we visited a ceramic studio in Caltagirone where we saw the ubiquitous smiling sun being made. While not our favorite piece, we learned that it is a traditional item. We also learned that the Moore Knight and the lady that we had seen in the puppy show last night are also traditional Sicilian objects of art based on a history of conquest. This revelation gave us some insight into the puppet show. There was time for a leisurely lunch and a siesta in a nearby park before we headed off to the Villa Romanadei Casale an archeological site with amazing mosaic floors built in the 4th canter and buried in a mud slide in the 12th century. The famous "bikini girls" mosaic shows 8 athletes playing various games. Things have not changed much in 16 centuries if you consider the picture that Tom took of the girls at the beach at Cefalu.

Before we boarded the bus for the drive to our hotel, we got to sample Antonio's (our driver) home made almond wine which was very sweet and delicious. Our hotel is a former residence of a Bishop!

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