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The RV Park

The line up

More of the line up.

Sugar got a bath at the Pet Wash.

She's posing

Our fill up when we left Whitehorse.197.033 liters

Leaving Whitehorse.

Yukon River

Yukon River widens here to form a 40 mile long lake.

Wild Flowers

Fox Creek

Fox Creek

We stopped!

And did this again. It was at least 12 inches across. This...

Conglomrate Mountains...formed at the leading edge of volcanic mud flows 185 million...

Pella Crossing

Bridge at Pella Crossing the Yukon

Vew from the bridge at Pella Crossing

The Mighty Yukon

Five Finger Rapids formed by rock pillers

Panoramic view of Five Finger Rapids (not the best pic)

Panoramic view

Five Finger Rapids view point

Wild flowers up close

Wild flowers.

Yukon against the mountains.

Heritage center at Steward Crossing

Yukon Crossing...there's a bridge down there.

The Yukon

Frost heave. They were marked with flags and there were a lot...

Tintina Trench.. largest fault in North America

Tintina Trench miners

Pit stop.

We had planned on staying 3 nights in Whitehorse. The rain and our RV park experience made us decide to head to Dawson City a day earlier. We will be coming back this way on our return trip and will possibly stay a night or two at that time.

We have been on the road for 35 days and this is our first not so pleasant experience. The RV park was so cramped that our neighbors slide was at our front door. We could put out our awning just enough for a small overhang. We had to duck around their slide to get to the front of our motorhome. These neighbors were very nice people. Everyone was complaining about how tight they packed in the RV's and it was a circus watching people trying in park the larger vehicles in their spot.

Then came the icing on the cake. Our other neighbor had a travel trailer. It took him at least 12 tries to back it in. People were moving their cars and doing whatever it took to give him room. All this time he had a large BARKING dog in the back of his truck. He gets it parked... very badly parked and leaves it that way. It is at an angle with the front of it so close to our home we had to pull in our mirror so they could walk through. Then the BARKING dog... stays in a kennel outside, which meant they wanted to open thier awning. That came out next to our house. We had to ask him to pull in his awning so we could drive out. We only have a 28 ft motorhome. Don't know what one of those big rigs would have done.

That was our snivel. We will boondock before we pull into another 'parking lot' RV park.

Pictures are of our drive to Dawson City. They seem to tell the story best.

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