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view from my morning bike ride

the long road to Mammoth

almost there on 395 to Mammoth

Mammoth Lakes

Mike's outdoor kitchen


view from my ride 2


Jesse in 3D

Ashlynn and Samantha at June Lake

The kids at June Lake

Mike and Jesse at June Lake

Jesse fishing at June Lake

Our view at June Lake

Jesse fishing at June Lake 2

Brooke fishing at June Lake

Samantha fishing at June Lake

Mike...check out the Barbiw fishing pole

girls swimming in June Lake

Lake Tahoe

waiting in line for the Bay Bridge

onto the Bay Bridge

Lake Tahoe 2

Kids at Pier 39 San Francisco

Pier 39

Pic from Pier 39

Alcatraz Island

Kids at Pier 39

Samantha on the Double Carousel on Pier 39

at the Aquarium of the Bay

Dori and Nemo


Where's Samantha?

Samantha and Brooke

Jesse touching a ray

Samantha, Brooke, Ashlynn in a bubble

Samantha and Jesse touching a ray


Brooke and her cookie from Chocolate Heaven


Ashlynn and Samantha with treats from Chocolate Heaven

The kids on the other side of the Golden Gate Brisge

Melissa and Samantha at the Golden Gate Bridge


Melissa and Mike at the Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Bridge




Coastal Northern CA

Me giving Jesse "the look"

On Tuesday, June 21 we headed north to Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Beautiful, yes, but it took so long to get there on the most boring road ever, highway 395.

We stayed at Mammoth Mountain RV Campground

, it was beautiful there. This is where Mike fell in love with his outdoor kitchen.

The first morning there I took in a long bike ride down Highway 395, loved the view.

I wish all of my rides could be this scenic. After lunch we drove up to June Lake for some fishing,

but the fish weren't biting. Mike and Jesse kept trying, but the girls decided a dip in the cool lake waters was a better idea.

Our last day there, I went for a run that morning, and let me just say that 7900+ feet in elevation and 25+mph wind gusts definitely slows you down a bit. In the afternoon we went south a bit to Bishop to go tubing down the Owens River. It took us 2 1/2 hours to float down the chilly waters of this winding river. Even with the cool waters, getting hung up on the bank once or twice, and losing a tube, we all had a lot of fun.

We left early on the morning of the 24th heading to San Francisco. We originally had planned on taking highway 120 through the mountains until we read the description of the road that is seasonally closed. "A winding narrow road with tight curves and steep grades that clings to the edge of the mountain, with jaw dropping steep cliffs." Hmmm...No thank you. So we headed further north to cross over through Lake Tahoe.

I wish that we had more time because we certainly would have stayed in Tahoe for a few days.

We arrived late afternoon in San Francisco, first having to cross over the Bay Bridge.

Finally, after a ridiculous line and $8.25 later we were on our way to cross the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.

Note: DO NOT stay across from a pro-ball field unless you are tailgating. NOT the nicest of areas. While in San Francisco we went to Pier 39,

. We went to the Aquarium of the Bay and got to see many of the sea creatures that live in the bay,

. Brooke found Nemo and Dori there

. Jesse and Samantha got to touch a couple of the rays that were at one of the exhibits.

We got back to the RV early that evening to leave out early the next morning for our long drive to Trinidad, CA.

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