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Flying Lion

Look at what I found

The exhibit we met Andre at

Gargoyles are fun

Look how they dressed their childred

Mdern Art - made of crushed cans, screws and nuts

The City Gate

Laurel Taking Pictures - I want some

Strutting Peacock at the Zoo Park

Nancy at night - hey I tried


Part 2 has arrived.

Yesterday, visited Nancy. We are currently based in Nancy. After breakfast, we met the rest of the group about 100 yards from the hotel. The first ones we came across were Adam and Joshua. They had rabbit the night before - Joshua liked it, Adam did not. They loved the light show that they saw and enjoyed their host family. Alex and Jessica have decided they will cry when they leave their host in France. Joshua and Christopher are living on top of a school and think that is cool. Chauncey and Dr. Bruce are with a great family that has completely adopted them. Arafel, Holly and Sami are staying with a teacher. They have enjoyed good food and Sami has been able to use her German. Laurel and Susan are quiet as usual but each smile about their families. Joy, Captain and I are thoroughly enjoying the hotel we are at. We go to dinner each night with Ian and that is an experience in itself. :-)

So on to the day.

Nancy is an old town. It is known for being led by a former Polish King -Stanislas. He ruled for quite some time and introduced medicine for all. King Louis was not very happy with him. We continued to tour the old city. We stopped for a bathroom break at a public restroom. I am glad to report that they did not break the restroom as they attempted to get pictures of its' interior. (You will have to ask them for details but yet again I was asked in France about a restroom procedure. At least this time was on how to get out and not on how to use it. )

We walked through the square and toured the city finishing at the oldest cathedral. Ian says it is not that old really -only the 1500's! They have a different idea of old over here. Some kids went in for mass, some went for lunch at this point. Chauncey, Joy, Captain and I opted for lunch and found a lovely Italian place. The food was spectacular. They serve the pizza with a spicy olive oil sauce to add to it. Scrumptious.

We met back up and headed to the crypt and the museum. The crypt was spectacular. The dukes and their families are all buried there. Unfortunately, we could not take pictures. Afterwords some of us went upstairs to see samples of rooms in a typical upper class home of the time. Some stayed below and talked with the staff. (Those are the ones making Americans look good.) The rooms were a lot more interesting than some thought they would be. I loved them!

We then continued to the museum next door. We went in and then were allowed to walk through it at our own pace. Captain, Joy, Dr. Bruce and I met a very nice man from Quebec, Canada. He had written a book about some of the things we saw. His name was Andre. Since we showed interest, he walked with us and translated and explained a lot. He was very upset that their were not a lot of ramps for the wheelchair and happily helped us over obsticles. Quebec is much further along than France :-) We will need to look up his book.

We finished the day looking at the old gate. After the students listened to Captain explain the murder hole - it took on new meaning.

We walked to the local park. They had a small zoo and carnival going on. They were also recording a music video. At this point, I allowed the students to call home for Father's Day. (The phone died before some could, so they will tomorrow. I now have it recharged.)

We then walked back to the meeting spot. I did learn that some of our students do not know how old our country is or what the Emerald Isle is. I have decided to increase the geography/history lessons while here. :-)

The students then hooked back up with thier families and the rest of us went to dinner.

We chose Italian again. Both Joy and I tried Gnocci for the first time. And when the Creme des Caramel came out and Joy had her first bite - she said it best -- "Oh my God this is soo good!"

So I am almost caught up.

Let's see if I can finish it tonight.

See everyone soon.


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