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Chichen Itza is easily the most visited and best restored pre Columbian site in the Mayan world. It was quite the amazing tour and pictures don't really do this place justice. The Mayans were actually one of the most advanced of all of the pre Columbian cultures and some of the things that they built boggles the mind. For example, the main temple at Chichen Itza had a really interesting acoustic effect as it seemed capable of amplifying all sounds around it. The most common way to show this was clapping as a single clap could easily be heard quite far away. Every now and again you would always hear a clap from a tour guide or a tourist as it had a very impressive sound. They believed that these temples were created in this way so that the High Priests of the day could be heard across the masses.

The temples also have many other features and significances built right into them that proved that the Mayans knew a great deal about astrology and even their own calendars more closely match our own calendars of today more than any other pre Columbian society. The one thing I found interesting about the main temple is that at certain times of the year (I believe we were told it occurred on the Solstice) a giant "snake" would slowly appear from the temple made out of Sunlight with the heads of the snake made out of stone at the bottom of the Pyramid. It is believe that the temples were built this way so that "miracles" could be performed by the High Priests to show the masses that they are truly in touch with their "gods". Anyway at the end of the day after having done a guided 2.5 hour tour through the whole site I can definitely say that I was impressed with what I saw and would certainly recommend it to anyone.

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