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Scenic early morning view .

Summit Mountain ahead

More views

Scenery along the highway

We stopped at Tetsa Lodge for ........


Steel Bridge approaching Summit Mountain

Long bouncy highway.

Long bouncy highway with many curves.

Stone mountains....lots of sheep here.

Stone Mountain sheep - mama sheep with her baby.

These guys ran away as we approached.

The highway ahead of us. That trucker sure wanted around those campers.

Toad River lodge. Just a pit stop.

Starting to see some snow caps again.

Approaching Muncho Lake..... WOW

The water was turquoise.

Stopped to enjoy the view.

Our poor car...

Northern Rockies Lodge on Muncho Lake

How's this for a conference room?

Float planes on Muncho lake

Float planes

Do you know what this is??

Muncho Lake

Our first bear sighting. It was a cub.

Mama was a couple turns down the road.

Mama bear.

This guy was hungry.

This guy was hiding near a culvert.

BIG buffalo

Highway leaving Muncho lake

Laird Hot springs.

Larid Hot springs participants.

Still enjoying the hot spring.

Ready to get out. It was hot.

We drove 164 miles to Laird Hot Springs. We had heard this was a 'must' stop. The 164 miles was all about the drive with the terrain changing constantly. There is again lots of different terrain, forest, stone mountains and lakes.

We stopped at one of the lodges for a treat. (check the pictures). We have been camping with a caravan of 10 Motorhomes. They are all Trek homes, which is no longer in business. We feel like part of the group. That's the thing with traveling this highway. Most everyone has the same destination in mind. You don't feel alone and make many friends from around the world.

We have talked about beautiful scenery and lakes. Muncho Lake has to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth. It is seven miles of deep green and turquoise waters. Deepest point is 730 feet. Northern Rockies Lodge is a stop over with cabins, fishing, sightseeing flights. It is owned by a "bush pilot".

We had our first bear sighting. It was a cub. We were a little nervous taking pictures and not knowing where Mama bear was. We found her around the next curve. Not too long after that we saw a couple more. We held back on stopping to take pictures of all of them. Also saw buffalo and Stone Mountain sheep.

We camped at Laird Hot springs. It's about a 10 minute walk back to the hot springs. The water is very hot. We moved down a couple of pools to cooler hot water. This is different from the other hot springs we visited as it was in a natural nature environment.

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