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On the way to Palenque, we spent the day traveling by bus through the Chiapas highlands passing by Misol-H a and Agua Azul waterfalls. This place was amazing. Pictures can be found here.

I also spent some time at the ruins of Palenque and took a guided tour through a large part of the area. Our tour guide even took us past a few areas blocked off areas so that we could see some of the partially discovered ruins that make up some of the hundreds of the buried ruins. In sites like Palenque, it's quite common to have many "artificial mounds" which contains pre Columbian structures that have been overgrown by the jungle and have not been uncovered yet. After seeing the ruins which took most of the day, I ended up taking a break from site seeing and just spent the rest of the day relaxing with my fellow gap adventurers.

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