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Well, I've made it to the State of Chiapas in the wonderful city of San Cristobal de Las Casas. I ended up taking a half day tour going on a boat ride through Sumidero Canyon and it was fantastic. This particular boat ride was great as I got to see some amazing picturesque areas in the canyon and even got to see a few crocodiles along the way. Pictures can be found here.

I even got the opportunity to take a half day tour visiting a native town in Mexico where the native's still practice their own customs, religion, language, and laws. These towns are still technically a part of Mexico but have managed to retain their way of life. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take many pictures as many of these groups don't like foreigners taking pictures of religious ceremonies etc but it was quite interesting regardless.

This town is quite the nice place to stay. There are generally street performers in the Zocolo (the town square), the food is great although a bit pricey, and the people are quite friendly. I didn't take a lot of pictures but the ones I did take will be visible in the link above.

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