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This is the weather we struggled with to get pictures.

The famous Highway sign. It's at the edge of a 'round about'...

Picture from the 'round about' side of the sign..

Some details about the highway.

Downtown Hotel

Mile '0' dedication.

The official Mile '0' marker.

We will hit all of these. Fairbanks being the furthest North we...

A look at the city.

Agriculture land was prominent in Dawson Creek.

Tonight will be our 3rd night in Dawson Creek. We are wishing we had only stayed for 2 and moved on up the road. Other than Dawson Creek being the beginning of the Alaska Highway there isn't much going on. We drove the suburbs and through town.

The Alaska Highway building and museum was interesting as it told the whole story of how the town started and how it was used as the staging point and the beginning of the 1500 mile stretch of road through the bare wilderness.

Dawson Creek has two sources of income, tourism and oil. It seems that oil is the leading interest at this time. We were informed by locals back in Alberta, to fill up on gas before we got to British Columbia because there is a road tax. We paid 1.14 in Alberta and it is 1.34 here per litre. We probably won't be as lucky on the next couple of fills.

There is a term for living in your RV called full timing. It also applies to being with your other half. We are four weeks in and still talking to each other.

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