Bill & Debbie's Cross-Country Trip 2011 travel blog

This past week has been a roller-coaster of emotions; some happy, some proud, some sad and bittersweet. It started with the farewell party for our wonderful Pastor, Glen Raley, who was assigned a new church. The next day, we had a family gathering to celebrate our granddaughter Cleo's 1st birthday and for the family to say good-bye to us.

The following Saturday, our daughter Angela had her college graduation and Sunday, we picked up our oldest grandson Konner at the airport and got to spend the day with him.

And now it's finally here; the day we start on our trip. We're all set and ready to go. One final check on the tire pressure and, of course, one tire is 20 pounds under pressure. So it's off to Howard Tires. They submerged the tire in water to make sure there were no leaks and, yeah!!, no leaks, so they pumped it up and off we went. Boomtown, Reno here we come.

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