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We left Sunday morning after a slight delay due to Lissa needing a quick surgery to remove a tumor in her eye. (She lost the eye but she bounced back remarkably. She came home from the vet Friday already looking for her chow.) We packed up Saturday and we were on the road Sunday.

First major stop is here in Shinnston, West Virginia. My 4th great grand father, Levi Shinn, settled the area in the early 1700's with his two brothers. Photos are of the house he built in 1778. Pretty nice place, two floors, big fireplace. But they had 9 children so I guess it got cramped quick. Found out the family ancestors were in Massachussetts in the early 1600's, were Quakers, and came to NJ (Burlington and Monmouth area) in mid 1600's to escape religious persecution. Seems the Quaker principles went by the wayside in the West Virginia frontier...they needed guns and fought off indians. The lady in the portrait is a 4th great second cousin or something. Scary.

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