2011 Hogarths on the move again - to places afar travel blog

a unique way to carry bales 4 at a time both sides

a bit blurry

The view from our B&B

I am unable to go outside in the cold so we depart Dublin, without having the opportunity of investigating the City, and drive to south coast of Ireland.

A pity we were unable to see Dublin but such is life.

We stay in a B&B outside of Dungarvan. Hunt around for somewhere to have tea. A pub is nearby with traditional Irish music – so loud we could hear it whilst still in the car in the car park - not good for my tender head. We travel further to a small village about six kms away and go to a bistro – should have known, any place with an award (even if it is 10 years old) is bound to cost a fortune. Our fellow diners are all well dressed in chic casual and dining in style. We are placed near where the desserts are prepared – oh what pain!

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