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we decided not to attend the bike rally dances due to the fact that most of these dancers were rockers and we country and they do not mix well on a dance floor - so we left these bikers to their own... what is very said to see is that most all of them are our age or older, no really young (probably due to the high cost of any harley) maybe on 10/20 years, they'll be no bikers left like those of the 60/70/80s, but one thing our young ladies should see are these older ladies who were really the tattoo queens long before today's ladies were even born, see what their tattoos look like on them now as they aged with wrinkles and weight... we got up today and headed on our way stopping in lake havasu, this is the area chris/willa whiffin had lived... today's photos are for the past two days, nothing special just more mountains/deserts...

day 38 photos:

day 39 photos using the wrong camera:

ron & bebe

our journal/map:

our tech stuff: where we've been/are...

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