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Beauvert Lake - Jasper Lodge is on the other side

Beauvert Lake

Crystal clear water

Jasper Lodge sign

Jasper Lodge

Mirror image of Lodge in the lake

Lake Annette has a beach...burr!

Lake Annette

Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon frozen waterfall

Canyon continues

and continues

and continues

Finally at the bottom on the canyon.

Into the river.

We have not seen a Caribou.

Bighorn sheep along the road.

Tom and Suzanne from Florida. They were our pin pals from the...

Maligne Lake

This guy was casually walking down the steep rocks.

These were his friends.

We drove out to Old Fort Point. It was a hike up a steep hill so we passed and went on to check out Jasper Lodge. It is your typical mountain lodge, very rustic and picturesque as it was surrounded by lakes.

We took the drive to Maligne Lake and stopped at a parking lot full of people and RVs see what was there. It was the beginning of Maligne canyon. We opted to take the 20 minute hike and check it out. There are 6 bridges that cross the canyon. We got to bridge 3 and said we would go check out the next. What we didn't know was that the bridges were far apart and you would end up in a different parking lot a few miles up the road. We got to bridge 5 and were pooped! That's when we discovered we needed to turn around. Our 20 minute hike took about an hour and a 40 minutes. We had Sugar with us. She did good for an old dog, but refused to leave the RV the next day. She wasn't trusting us. I'm not going to tell you how our feet felt.

It was worth the walk. We followed a crevice in the earth with a stream going through it until it became a river. Maligne Lake flows into Medicine Lake which has no outlet, but it leaks like a bathtub into the ground and resurfaces in the walls creating Maligne Canyon some 5-7 miles away.

I don't think I mentioned...while we were planning this trip we were talking to other couples on a RV site called IRV2. In Banff National Park we caught up with one of the couples from Florida. We were at Jasper at the same time. We've gone to dinner and ran into them at Maligne Lake. It's nice to have other people to share the adventure with. We have close agendas and will be meeting along the way.

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