Rons Baltic Adventure travel blog

Cabin onboard cruise ship

Our room at acadamia hostel

On board ship from Sweden

Senate square in Helsinki

Skye in posed street scene in Helsinki

Had a fantastic nights sleep with the gentle rocking of the boat most comforting.Arrived in Helsinki around and caught a taxi to our accommodation.Most of our time will be catching up on our washing as we are both low on clean clothes.Hopefully some time this afternoon we will start explöring the city.Some food would be nice to.The trip so far has had a few low points but generally not to bad.The hectic pace of the first few day took quite a toll on us and generally both suffered health wise.On the way up now with just suiting ourselves about what we do.Other than washing which took hours and doing all our catching up with journals and face book on their free computers not much else was done.The time to take some time-out and Skye still not one hundred percent was invaluable and we had enough time still left to explore this city.

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