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VARSA viking ship 333 years on



Goodbye to Sweden coast line

Well after a long night things were looking up today.Had good breakfast packed up our luggage and stored it away.We had about 4 hours to see as much as we could.With my crook hip it was a slow walk but got to the hop on hop off ferry.First port of call was the old city with the royal palace part of it.Cobblestone roads made it hard work for me but battled on.We wandered around for awhile till we found a Irish pub with wi-fi.Had a Guinness as you would and caught up with some texting and facebook.Back to the ferry to get to the Varsa museum.Words fail me with what we walked into.They had a full edition of the Swedish warship Varsa inside.The ship was found in about 1953 and finally raised in 1988 and brought up from the depths where it has sat for 330 years.It was in complete condition as it was the day it sank.Only 2 per cent added to its total re- condition.Truly remarkable sight even the photos we took don't do it justice.From here we had to hurry as we had to get back for our luggage and get to the ship.This was quite hard for the both of us and by the time we arrived at the ship we both were spent forces.Things looked good until we discovered that our booking was wrong with only a double bed for us.Skye certainly paid out as we had paid top money for this cabin.We were told to come back after the ship had started to sail.This I did and happily a cancellation and they offered me for free my own cabin.Good result all around.We ate Italian meal which was probably our first decent meal in days.It went down a treat.Need less to say we both than retired to our rooms.I had intended to have a few ales but upon putting my head down sleep overcame me and put paid to any plans I might have had.

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