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Our accomodation in Stockholm

In Kings Park

Looking across to old town

Knight slaying the Dragon

Smallest outdoor Coffee shop

Well upon arrival at Stockholm airport it was apparent Skye was not well.Feeling very shaky and a little irrational she started to get the staggers.She started to get a bit irrational so upon arriving at the wrong terminal she found a seat and sat down.I took off to try to retrieve our luggage at another terminal.After running all the way and struggling back to where I left Skye she wasn't there.A security guard approached me and asked me to follow him.Here i find Skye being attended to by Paramedics in a medical room.They were quite concerned about her and decided to call an ambulance.The ambulance people advised me that they could not fit me in with all the luggage.Big dilemma for Ronnie.So off goes Skye and it is decided I catch a taxi to our accommodation.$80 bucks later i'm there.Booked in and all luggage in our room.Called a taxi and headed off to hospital.Upon seeing Skye i was a little taken aback.she had drips and heart rate monitors on and it did not look well.Several tests had been done and we had to wait for results.It was going to be a long night .Around 2.00 am a doctor told Skye that results would not be for a couple of days.Skye then decided to leave as the doctor indicated that not much was wrong and gave her a script for some antibiotics.The bill was paid ,a taxi called and off we went back to our accom.It was around 3.00 am and going to sleep was not hard.In the morning around 9.00am I went over to check about the room and was informed that only 1 night had been received so we had to vacate.This was not an option so I paid up for another night in the hostel section.Told Skye of developments and although annoyed and still quite ill realized our fate.Managed to see the room cleaner and she let us stay until last possible moment.That time came around 12.00 and managed to get Skye up and over to our new accom.She immediately laid down and stayed there for the rest of the day and night.Her sightseeing of Stockholm was non existent so far.I managed to do some walking around and seeing something.To see her so crook and the memory of her in bed at that hospital brought back so many memories of her as a child in the Children's Hospital almost caused me to lose it completely.As a parent I felt sick to the guts but there was no one else but me so you suck it up and go on.Hopefully tomorrow will see her feeling better as we leave Sweden in the afternoon for Finland.

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