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Old huts surrounding Church

Gammelstad (old town)church

Interior of church

More inside

Skye with guide

Upstairs looking down staircase of tourist bureau

After the shambles of Sammi culture tour we proceeded to Gammelstad which was originally the main city up here but was moved 10 km and called Lulea.This place was just a Church but by law all people in surrounding districts had to attend.Some people had to travel far so they built cabins around the church for over night stays.Each village built in their own place so they could be together and you could tell where they came from if you knew where they built.They are still there today some 500 years old and still used by the church goers.We got there late so found our accommodation and decided to have big wander around tomorrow.We stayed at a converted old folks home.Felt right at home.Top place would recommend to anyone.Went out to buy some food and as Skye was tired and bit off colour I drove.Well I drove there but Skye drove back.To much for me almost killed us twice driving on wrong side of the road.Up next morning and would you believe it ...pissing down.Undeterred we still went off ,found tourist shop ,paid for walking tour and trotted off with local guide.Umbrellas out and ponchos on determined to do this.Was great experience although not the best .Skye was not well and on reflection not smart.We then had to drive to Lulea to catch our plane to Stockholm We had plenty of time and had no trouble getting the car back and booking in.Skye done a remarkable job all things considered and very proud of her.Tiredness has been a big factor so far and we are once again exhausted.Hopefully we can rest up in Stockholm on our ship accommodation with Chapmans Hostels.

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