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Reataurant entrance in Middelburg

Bike deck on ferry

upper deck of bike ferry

Lunch stop with wooly company

Supposed 200 meter cannon that went 2 inches. Best noted for housing...


A short ride from Middelburg along the canal took us to our ferry ride for the day. It is a bike or passenger ferry only although it looked very much like the Seabus in Vancouver. You tie up your bike to one of the many rows of rails and go upstairs to the lounge or enjoy the ride out on deck. The ferry took us to Breslins and then rode to Sas van Gent where we boarded the Elodie for the final part of the day's journey to Gent (pronounced with a guttural "h" sound). Gent turned out to be an amazing city and once again we had an informative tour of the city after another one of Sender's fabulous dinners on board Elodie. Although the city is very old, much like the rest of the Netherlands, there is an even older castle in the city that dates back to the 900's. Most of the buildings we see are from the 1600's and 1700's. There was a soccer match in Brussels that evening between Turkey and Belgium, and all the turks were out in full force, with flags flying from their cars and draped around their necks. Our walk into the city for our tour was through a Turkish area which was quite rowdy, but we made out just fine. The walk home was quieter as everyone was in the middle of town to watch the game on a big screen outdoors. The match ended in a 1-1 tie.

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