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Old tower and lighthouse

Only part of the bridge and dam built to keep out the...

Harbour at Middelberg

The small white marker was the level of the flood in 1953

Today I was the "sweep" who's job it is to be last in the ride and make sure everyone stays safe. We started out from Zierikzee and rode along the dikes on the edge of the sea although we had to take a bit of a detour because of construction along the dike. The clear highlight of the day was cycling along a nine kilometre bridge thats actually an adjustable dike. It is amazing to see the amount of engineering and hydraulics to ensure that the sea stays at bay. There are several long sections to the bridge with pehaps 20 huge hydraulic dike closures to keep out the sea. Along the bridge there are several islands that are man made and have many windmills on them. When you stand underneath them you realize how huge they are. Even though the blades seem to be moving slowly when viewed from afar, they really are moving fat and make a very penetrating swishing noise as they pass by the support column. The generator housing on top is almost the size of a semi trailer.

After the bridge we saw several nice beaches and as we approached Veere there were many kite flyers and kite surfers in the ocean on one side of the dike, and tons of sailboats on the freshwater side of the dike. Veere is a very nice city and I have pictures of the yacht club and the hotel (very old hotel). I have a picture of Heather at the side of the hotel showing the level of the water in the 1953 flood.

The last part of the ride was on a very smooth concrete trail that made the ride to Middelberg very easy. After another wonderful meal, Luke took us on a walking tour of the city and showed us his "fairy tail" spot. The town hall is amazing, as are many of the houses around town.

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