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Well, it's been a few days since I last updated my travel journal and a fair bit has happened. First off, I added several images to my images gallery. You can see them here.

I ended up visiting an archaeological site in Mexico City yesterday and it ended up being quite the treat. It started out with some ruins in a large gated area which showed a temple that had been built and expanded many times over thousands of years. Part of the 51 peso ticket also included a visit to the next door Anthropological museum. This museum was very large and consisted of eight phases. I took at least a hundred pictures of all of the different things of interest in this museum so feel free to have a look at the images (link shown above).

Today I ended up going to a few local markets and trying all sorts of different foods/drinks. It was fantastic...I must admit that Mexico City has an incredible variety of foods that would appeal to almost anyone.

The rest of the tour GAP tour group started today (three late arrivals) and they are all very friendly (one was even from Edmonton). We total eight people now including the tour manager. We head out to Puebla tomorrow at around 11am and should be there by about 1pm. Every city I go to now will probably seem quite small in comparison to Mexico City's 22 million people but I think it will be a welcome change.

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