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Probably why he doesn't get pictures of welcome to... he's taking self-pictures

Helping Mr. Turtle get to the other side of the road...we didn't...



Another Ryno Route-less day! Okay, it was only 180 miles, but still!

I did the Streets and Trips route the night before so when we left in the morning, it just needed to be plugged, huh? Well, of course, it didn't go that smoothly.

Getting ready to pull out, Bama is running, so safe to plug in the converter for the laptop. WHAT? Nothing on the laptop. Dink around with it...still nothing. Can't get ANYTHING on the laptop...not good.

Our plan is to stay in Brunswick, Maryland at a city-owned rv park. Right on the C & O (Chesapeake & Ohio) Canal. It was created in 1836 to haul goods to market and is 184 miles from Cumberland to Georgetown. It's called a towpath and is a bike/pedestrian patch along the Potomac River. Sounds like a great place for us for five nights before we head to DC. Lots of historical places for daytrips as well as bike rides (for those that are missing their 15 mile daily bike ride!)

Now that the computer is dead, we have to go to plan B-maps!!!

I do believe I have every state map...except West Virginia! Now onto plan C-the trucker's atlas (thank you Randy).

I remembered the road(s) (sorta) we were gonna take, so I point those out to Sam. We were going to use the phone gps as a back up, but oh, no, that silly thing was gonna take us over every windy road in the state. As it is, we have a few to go on.

Off we go.

A few twists and turns. Feeling good. We get to 50 (not like the one in the west) and it's looking pretty nice. Thought too soon. Are we now on The Old Priest Grade? Ok, maybe not that bad...but not good either. We're heading for an Interstate..but it's over an hour on these roads before we get there.

Up to this point, Sam has done an excellent job of navigating using the atlas.

Shortly after we get on I-68, there's a rest stop. First things first...gotta call and sing Happy Birthday to our grandblessing, Logan!!! Happy Birthday again Logan. Have to say, I didn't hear retching on his end of the line listening to his Noni's singing! Didn't care who else heard...of course, Grumps didn't sing along :/

I decide while in the rest stop, to fiddle with the laptop...some more fiddling and dinking, and it's up and even better, Streets and Trips is working. Whoo Who-notice how Little things sure make us happy these days.

While I have enjoyed traveling the more scenic smaller roads than the interstates, I was really tempted to kiss the ground at the rest stop! I have decided that if there is ever a competion for rv handling, I would finish very high (for the ladies anyway)!

We come into Maryland and my photographer misses the shot. After uploading pictures, I see why..he's been taking self-portraits! Can't take any fuel sign pictures, cuz we aren't seeing any.

Decide when we see a roadside sign specifically for trucker services, that we'll heed that advice and head off for diesel. Get off the road and pull into a Pilot. WOW-we have never been in such a que for diesel. We're guessing that there must not be too many stations for truckers along this route.

Diesel-$3.96/gal in Hagerstown, MD.

Pilot is nice when the pumps work right. Able to swipe our "rewards" card and fuel before paying. When it isn't working right, I have to walk into the "trucker" section and leave my card and then go back in once he's through fueling (again to the trucker section).

Getting into Brunswick and we go through three, yes, three, roundabouts! I was sweating it only because I was thinking of Ceres' what they call roundabouts! Get through all three and we're headed (in the right direction) for the campground. Make a left onto the towpath (dirt) and just barely get on, and we have to stop..there's a turtle in the road. Since we really don't have all day to wait for him to get to the other side of the road, Mr. Ryno jumps out and moves him. When Sam gets back in, he says the turtle was covered in sqeeters--well we are near water.

We have almost a mile to travel on this dusty bike path to get to the campground. We decide it could be ugly if another vehicle is coming in the opposite direction. Someone (not us) would need to back up a looooong way since it's really only wide enough for one vehicle. We decide when it's time to leave, that Sam will go ahead in the Jeep and make sure no one is coming.

Pull into the campground and looking for the office (it's kind of a camper). Billy Bob comes from somewhere with his wife beater on and all sweatty telling us to drive through and pick a spot.

Okay, we hop back in and head towards the water sites. First thing we notice is a dumpster overflowing with trash and there's some on the ground as well. Ok, it was Memorial weekend, but this is now Wednesday.

If I were the City of Brunswick, I would be so embarassed to have a facility like this.

Sorta think we find a spot, but decide to unhook and send Sam back to the other sections to recon. He walkies me "did I really want to know what he thinks?" Ah yeah! He says all the dumpsters are overflowing and it looks like a dump. Thinks we should try to find something else. I agree.

He waits near the front and I drive Bama around. The plan is for him to go down the dirt path to be sure no one is coming in. At one point, I wait midway for him to get to the end. Home free...we're both at the end.

We back into the other entrance into the path and he hooks us up. It is hotter than Haiti. I'm trying to find us somewhere nearby to go to. It appears that in Harpers Ferry West Virginia (are we really going back to WV?) there is a KOA and it's not that far away. It's getting late and we want to get settled.

I call the KOA a few times, but it's always busy, so we decide to head on over. Oh, my, here comes a Brunswick po po..headed for the bike (dirt) path. I thought he would stop and tell us to move but he didn't.

I'm just getting ready to hand off the laptop to Sam, when the po po comes back...still doesn't stop and talk to us. Thank goodness. I would have had to tell him about his disgusting city-run rv park.

Back through the round-abouts. Only did two this time. Get to the KOA (no Ryno Route again) and we decide since it's right outside the Nationall Historical Park, we'll be lucky to get a spot.

Go inside and I have to say, the clerk was not one of the friendliest we've seen. All the other KOA's have people who are drippingly sweet-not so here. In fact, when we walked back out, another KOA employee, didn't say diddly either.

Anyway, wind up getting our spot and we decide to stay for four nights. It's about 91 degrees. Sam opts for a 30 amp rather than a 50 amp because we'll have shade (supposedly).

After I sign the slip, I notice we're charged a $6 resort daily fee. WHAT? Shouldn't all that be included. Plus, we're suppose to wear wrist bands. Well, we're tired and it's hot and we're not going to argue.

Don't even have an escort, which means it's the Ryno Route. My nagigator is having me pull into the wrong spot. So around I go (much to the amusement of some other campers I'm sure).

There's a tree root in the way, so I pull forward and proceed to dump the air and level. Well, the front wheels aren't totally on the ground (can't have that). I want to move to another site, but Sam says nope, we'll manually level. I don't want to mess with it..did I say it's 91 degrees? Nope, he's gonna do it. 40 minutes later....he's done and we're still not level. My face is beet red and I'm beginning to think heat stroke. But by god, he did it manually :-)

Note to self...don't ever take 30 amp if 50 amp is available. Running the ac at full throttle makes a huge load. Of course, we had 30 amp last sayin.

Go to the showers and not as impressive as what we've had at other KOA's, but it's doable for four nights.

Lots to see around here. Hope it cools down a little.

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