Sam and Linda's Spring Fling 2011 travel blog

West Virginia

Entrace going into our 2nd tunnel


Space 9

Way too wide open for us

Reminded us of home

For reals

Muttley's Restaurant-where we ate dinner

Diesel-$3.88/gal-Hillsville, VA at a Gulf Truck stop.

299 miles and we didn't take the Ryno Route :-)

Getting here was a trip---many many miles of ups, downs, and curves :/ Bama did very good though.

Went through two long tunnels in West Virginia (I think).

Very disappointed when we got here. We (I) was expecting great things based upon a review by another blogger. They loved it so much they stayed extra nights. They spoke of lots of deer and had pictures to prove it. Saw one white tail as we made our turn.

I asked the park ranger about the deer. He said we wouldn't see many as they were off having their babies.

Mostly flat, tree-less campground. When we checked in we were told just to drive through and pick our site. First one I pulled into, there was a miscalculation on whether we could fit or not...we couldn't. The Jeep was unhooked so we could get backed up and on we went for another location.

Found another pull through and got set up. It was hot. Only had 30 amp, no water or sewer.

While cooling off, Sam decided to set up the DISH. Think he was hoping to find an A's game. Of course, every station we tried to go to, said we had to upgrade our package...not!

I wound up calling DISH and got through right away to a tech (maybe because it didn't sound like it had gone all the way to India?). Prior to calling, I did everything that I knew to do...resetting, etc. Still no luck. The tech wound up sending an electronic signal to our receiver...boom, badabing, it worked.

He had no explanation for why it needed that electronic signal. We haven't used it in awhile because we've had cable at other places. I actually prefer cable because I can watch shows on local channels (I love my Today show in the morning-while Sam sleeps in).

The last time we had an issue, the person I was speaking to said I had to send the rv registration in proving that we actually had an rv. We bought a receiver outright for the rv since we have friends living in our stick house and left our other receiver there. I told him we weren't always able to find a fax. He said, well, just when we get a chance; they'll send me an reminder if I don't do it. I really believe they had some kind of lock on it and when I didn't send in the registration, it kicked us off...just sayin'.

Anyway, this guy didn't even mention that and we're back up and running.

Sam scrolled for the A's game---just missed's over!

Decided we'd go into "town" for dinner. Went to a place called Muttley's. Very limited menu. They charge per pound for your steak. It was good. Limited sides..mashed potatoes or broccoli.

We decided to drive through the park. They don't charge to get into the park and the campground was $23/night. We saw a few white tails and the park was nice. Just wish the campground was nicer.

Wandered over to the bath house for a shower. Ok. Even if Sam was thinking about staying another night, we're not! Not really dirty, but very very old and not maintained. I really didn't feel comfortable taking a shower in a stall that didn't lock. But then I figured, hey, if they're that desperate to look at an old lady in the shower...let them go for it!

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