Jason and Dawn - Around the world 2011 travel blog

Waterfall at Natural bridge

Waterfall view from inside cave (where the Gloworms are)

View alongside trail within jungle to get to natural bridge... beautiful

Feeding a Kangaroo... in the wild!

Mamma and her little Joey

Curious little fellow... wanted his picture taken

Brisbane at night

Look at the size of that Naan bread! (we at it all)

Food was a little hot for Dawnie... notice the redness of the...

Sunset near our campsite at Beerwah Reserve

Laughing Kookaburra, many all over the place... so cool!

Dawnie's dream... she got to feed 3 elephants!

At the Australia zoo.. demonstrating why to be carefull in the Wild

Bitting Kangaroo... going in for the munch!

Dawnie fed the Kangaroo some grass (notice how the Kangaroo is in...

This is what happens when you mess with Dawnie! LOL

Koala! So soft and fluffy!

Snoozing away.. they do lots of that! (20hrs a day)

Who awoke me from my slumber?

Hairy nosed wombat... scared Dawnie first time she saw him

Full Breed Dingo Dawnie says "Dingo ate your baby"

Tazmanian Devil... finally got a picture.. so restless they are!

Komodo Dragon.. Huge!

Weeee.... going to the zoo!

Along the 8km walk we did at Noosa coast trail

Noosa trail, inside route through forest

Rainbow Beach

Cramping foot after giving Dawnie Airplane ride on Beach... worst cramp ever!

Sunset at Inskip point... Australlian first for us

Day 27

Woke up, made some breakfast, had a warm shower and headed to Gympie, where we spent most of the day updating the blog, checking emails, and catching up. Spent the night at Six mile rest area... nothing too exciting.

Day 28

After breakfast, we made our way to Rainbow beach from Gympie. The drive to the coast was quite nice.... saw some orchards full of oranges, and beautiful scenery... some similar to what we would expect Africa to look like. Rainbow beach is just awesome. Beautiful sand that seems to never end, and the blue water to match. We spent a short time here before making our way to Inskip point, where we're spending the night before continuing on our journey nice and early in the morning. We found a nice spot by the beach and decided to catch up on some working out. I can only imagine what it would have looked like to a passer by to see me working out with our great big red cast iron frying pans, or curling our 12 liter water jugs LOL... Dawn had the luxury of using our weight set while I improvised. We then made our way to the beach to work out our midsection and to watch our first true Australian Sunset... amazing. We camped across from Fraser Island, which is the largest sand island in the world. The whole area we are in is in fact sand.. seems to be sand everywhere we look! We finished off the day by snuggling up in the van and watching Tron on the laptop... ah the simple life :)

PS Can't wait to get up North to do some fossicking and noodling (searching for gems and opals). Since the floods, the dirt got scrambled and people are finding their own little treasures. Read in the newspaper that one Bloke (Guy hehe) found over a Kilogram of sapphires on his claim. We're bound to spend significant time there... with our gold panning passion and all! :)

Crikey!, We hope all you Blokes and Sheilas keeping Right. Good on ya for keeping up on our travels! Reading our blog is cheap as chips. Better to read our blog than to be a Wanker. Too easy! How ya going?

(That was a bunch of Australian Slang for anybody confused at this point LOL).

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