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Morning came and we traveled to Birbie Island. Unfortunately, it was very windy and cold... we wanted to spend some time doing a few short hikes, however only spent a half hour or so on the beach and made our way out to mainland again.

We drove to Glass House Mountains National Park. Named by Lieutenant Cook in 1770, the "Glass Houses" are distinctive volcanic plugs rising abruptly from a patchwork of farms and forests. These mountains are spiritually significant to the local Aboriginal people. The views from the top are wonderful. You can see the many planted farms and forested areas that cover the surrounding area. You can also see a little of the Gold Coast high rises far in the distance. Took an 800 meter hike around the base of the hill, didn't see any wild life at all. Took a few more photos and off we went. Found an overnight camp site in our camper book (supplied to us by Lenny) and called it a night there. A lot of other travelers there as well so it was a tight squeeze for space, a bit noisy being right next to the main highway.

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