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We had thought of staying here for a few nights once we leave this KOA, but after our drive on the Parkway yesterday, we ruled it out. The only way to go to the campgrounds inside the National Park is on Skyline Drive (which is the extention of the Blue Ridge Parkway-just through the Park).

Since we weren't going to camp here, we decided we'd go on a drive today. Weather forecast is fine-always check that before we leave now.

Zip up the interstate and then we're going to cut over and drive through about 1/2 of Skyline Drive and then cut back over and come back on the interstate.

It's 35 mph and slow going, but once again, very pretty.

Shortly after we got on Skyline, we came across this little guy hanging out in the middle of the road! I shot a picture, but duhhhh, I had the flash on and it didn't turn out. But I did get a few shots out the open window.

We only went about 40-45 miles and were at our "fish or cut bait" spot. As yesterday, we decided it was beautiful, but time to leave so we'd get back to the campground before dark.

We did go by the entrance to one of the three campgrounds that we would have been able to stay in (they were all full this weekend the sign said). Based on the entrance we came in (the most southern), the road would have been fine to get to this one campground (Loft Mountain).

It's probably another 2 hours home and we're both hungry (no breakfast or lunch), but we really don't want to stop this far out (never know about those thunderstorms) and again, we want to be home by dark (critters jumping out on the road).

Sam is now driving, so I get to google for places to eat. Oh, and I fiddled with my camera and now I know how to turn the flash off. Yes, I've had this little digital camera for two years and didn't know all the neat features it has until now!

I look at my YELP application for pizza. After looking at the map, decide that the closest town to Fancy Gap is Hillsville (home of the flea market).

Just about now, you're probably thinking-is tha a wise move for them to order ahead because of their tendancy to take the Ryno Route? Hah, we're good. We had actually seen Tony's Pizza when we drove through yesterday (but can we find it again?).

I decide to call ahead (figuring we're about 30 minutes out) and we'll just take home (to beat the dark). Going to be a real easy order-1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 combination. Not so simple. The dude wants to know what kind of combination, he has all kinds! WHAT? He tells me what the house special is and I THINK it might be the one, so I say okay.

It'll be 30 minutes and I look at GPS and we're at 26 minutes away-Score! Of course, I tell Sam, I'm really not sure what we'll get because I couldn't understand the guy.

Get to the place and I go in. Ask about crushed red peppers (for Sam). Dude says I can just sprinkle on at the counter or a cup is 40 cents. I don't know how many slices to sprinkle for Sam so I ask for a cup. He's already rang me up, so he'll just keep a quarter out for the cup---whatever.

It'll be a couple minutes so I sit down. Very shortly, he says, "mam, your pie is ready!"

Back we go to the campground (six exits away). Pizza is super hot.

As we pull into the campground, we hear music. I forgot that tonight the Marshall Brothers are performing. It's 8:00 pm when we get back and the campground is full of people, out and about.

We eat (it looks different). The hand tossed crust actually has a very distinct garlic taste to it, but it's good. Shoot, should have taken a picture.

We're listening to the music...some go old fiddling going on and singing as well. Sam asks if I want to go down and listen. Nope, going down the hill isn't bad, I just don't feel like coming back up the hill.

After Sam takes out the pizza box (yes, there are leftovers), I don't see him. Figure he went down the hill. Shortly he's back and out of breath. I'm thinking...I heard them just fine and I'm not out of breath! They played till 9:15 pm. Very enjoyable.

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