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Day 6 was to Obernai(50km) and this was our our second last day (woohoo). The rain had cleared the next morning so we were up and ready (not). It was market morning so we had a look around. So different to how we do things. Much nicer pace to life. We were on our bikes again and yes guess what another hill to start our day. Once again my lovely husband came to the fore and put the other blokes to shame and pushed my bike up the hill for me (and yes it's allowed in the rule book. My rule book). What a heart starter! Beautiful views but not sure they were worth the effort. Yes they were. We had lunch this day in a picnic ground that was already occupied by some German pensioners on a day out and they didn't know what to make of us. Oh well we did brighten their day. Obernai is very similar to Riquewhir and about the same vintage just a little larger. And yes it started to rain again, but this time we didn't hang around and just headed for the hotel. There are lots of vineyards along this route but with the rain each afternoon you just wanted to get in. So not much wine (but lots of beer later).

Our hotel was another beautiful old building with the rooms surrounding a central courtyard. You could just imagine how they lived. But you can keep the cobble stones.

Our last dinner on the road was one of the best. A couple of the meals were a little suspect (very basic) but this was lovely and we even had choices. Going to need to go on a diet or give up food when we get home.

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