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Hello everyone

Arrived here from Toronto on Tuesday morning - was upgraded to premium economy which was really good even though the film I was watching ( Brighton Beach with Helen Mirren) wouldn't proceed beyond half way and the tray table didn't fold down properly. Still the seat was very comfortable and I had more leg room than in cattle class. It was great to catch up with Barbara and Stanley after 18 months. That night they had a party for their sister in laws birthday so saw a few more people I knew and a couple I didn't. Barbara's niece from Colac and her husband are staying with them as well so they booked me the guest suite in their retirement village. It is very comfortable. Went to a local pub for lunch yesterday with another of Barbara's Australian relo's and his s2 daughters.

Today I have come into London and am just wandering the streets.

TORONTO was fantastic thanks to Janette and Wayne. They were very generous hosts, even took me to Niagara Falls on a very warm sunny day. It's about 1 1/2 hours from Toronto - we went to the Canadian side - quite spectacular but spoilt by the development right on the river banks. Walked along the rapids which were moving superfast. Then had dinner at the nearby very nice village of Niagara by the Lake. Also visited the beach area of Lake Ontario another lovely area. I would be happy to visit Toronto again but not sure about mid winter when temperature gets to -40!

Weather in London has been quite warm until today but it's not too bad - a little cold and a few showers.

There was great excitement - and traffic jams - here the last couple of days when the Obamas visited

Until next time...



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