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Wooohooo!! We were off to Bamboo Island. Chris woke up feeling a little delicate, but we got packed, bought some new books to read and headed to the peir. The boat got us at 1pm for the hour trip to the island. It was quite calm but still a bit much for sicky Chris! hehe! We got there and the sun was shining and the beach looked lovely. We dumped our stuff in our overpriced bungalow ($15), and headed for the water. So clear it was lovely. In the evening there was a bar/restaurant made out of bamboo where you could get dinner and drinks. Seen as the only things on the island were that, the bungalows and a couple of dorm blocks, we headed there for dinner. We had a bit of whiskey on the balcomy and spent the evening lying in hammoks getting very very drunk!

The next day the weather wasn't so good. After breakfast we tried to lie on the beach but wasn't that great. We decided to head to the bungalows, get in the hammocks and do some serious reading, all day! Lots of whiskey on the balcony and in the bar after dinner led to Kat being sick over the side of the balcony and burying it in the sand! Nice!

Bummer! Another pooh day! We were up early as a lizard kept squaking (yes they do squak!).

Seen as the weather was crap, and the bungalows so expensive we decided to head back to the mainland and get a cheap dowm bed each in a hostel that had a pool. We were so sanded out, even the rough boat ride back couldn't dampen our spirits and when we got $3 beds with aircon and a pool we were in heaven! We apent the whole day playing games in the pool and messing on rubber rings (tractor tyre inner tubes!). We discoved the most amazing snack ever....Tuna Chrunchie! It's half a baguette, halved. Spread with tuna mayo that has finely chopped chilli in, and covered in melted cheese! We know it sounds a bit gross, but go make one, now!! Sooooooo yummy!

So today we goto Siem Reap. We were getting the night bus, so pais 50c each to use lockers and pool and stuff all dayat the hostel. We spent all day in the pool again. Ate pretty early so as not to have a bad stomach while on the bus later (as we seem to have a bad stomach after every meal!). Was nice to leac\ve the hostel in the end as it had such a strange mix of freaks and weirdos there! Of course we fitted in but....! The were a group of deaf people, listening to there conversations was funny. Then a group of smelly young guys with dreads, all moody and quiet. And then some creepy old men who didn't seem to ever leave the hostel! Oh wee, at 7pm we were off to the bus station to get sleeper bus at 8pm. Was a big bus with bunks down either side and also in the middle. Top and bottom bunks. Kat ended up on a top bunk at the window, and chris chose a bottom on in the middle. The bottom one was really bumpy and Chris did not have a good journey! Kat was afrai that being right next to the window wouls be scary, but luckily not. Listened to the entire oasis collection and found there was only an hour till we got there! A much better journey for Kat!

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