Chris + Kats Asian Adventure 2011 travel blog

Sorry for taking a while to update everyone! We've had some shocking internet connections and have spent hours trying to upload photos, so unfourtunatly the blog has been neglected! Will get as much done as possible though!

After Chris's birthday in Sihanoukville we spent a couple of days simply chilling on the beach with a book, and a couple of evenings in a lovely Isreali reastaurant. Mmmmm, chicken shewerma!! On the third day (oooh, sounds like the bible!) it was Khmer New year. After a day on the beach we ate in the cheapest place in town to save our money for the festivities. The beach was jammed with poeple. Locals wwere throwing talcum powder over each other and any tourist who were getting involved. There were fire dancers and fireworks, and one bar set up a bar on the beach made from sunloungers! It was a really good night, so good that Kat went to get money and fell alseep in the room! Chris managed to work out where she was but also managed to lose his flipflops!!

Lucky for us not much hangover as woke up a little pickled still! We headed out to get food and get Chris some new flipflops. We found him the jankest pair evr, but they were cheap! We then decided to have a fish massage! Not as noce as a foot massage but very entertaining! Little fisg nibble at your feet, supposedly eating all the dead skin. We obviously have very manky feet as they felt no different after! Was soooo tickleish for Kat, but Chris loved it! We spent the day at our favourite bar of the beach (as it was 50c beer all day!) and in the evening had a lovely meal in the place we went for Chris's birthday.

The next day was another chilled beach day, and the day after we ventured a little fuarther afield! We headed to Sokha Beach. Just next door to the beach we had been at, but so much cleaner in the water. It is mostly owned by the big Sokha resort, but the public can use it also. $10 for a sunlounger each was a bit much for us though so we biult some sandcastles and hung in the water for a bit until the sun got too hot and headed for the free loungers of the beach next door. Chris broke his fantastic new flipflops on the way, but they let him swap them for a new pair. It was sunday again so was curry night again. We made plans with the people we met on Chris's birthday and went for dinner. A few drinks on the beach after turned into a few buckets, and that turned into Chris losing yet another set of flipflops, plus the key and $70! Bum!

Tommorow we hard to Bamboo Island! Wayhey!

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