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Finally in Mexico!!

Though it doesn't feel as Mexican as I thought it was. Apparently that is because the state we are in as protests against being 'Mexican' which is slightly odd, but oh well! On the bus in a saw a maHOOssive bull just tied up at the side of the road which I thought a potential catastrophe, obviously the mexicans are very trusting of thier animals.I also saw a few ranches which excited me quite a lot! Never seen a proper ranch before! Ha.

Here in San Cristobal, we stayed in a really friendly hostel whose owners, about 26yrs-old, really lovely, couldn't believe that I was 18. They thought it was a joke. But I often came back and joined the two of them at the table for lunch every now and then and had some really nice spanish conversation. Was a homely environment.

The town itself is very colonial, and much like Antigua in Guatemala was. It was really nice just to wander around and sit in the park, walk around the markets a little and jsut enjoy the city. Flic and I spent a lot of time here just doing our own thing, though went up to this viewpoint temple above the city, which showed a gorgeous view of it, though the view of the temple, bright white in the sun, from the street below was even better.

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