My Latin American Experience 2011 travel blog

Arrived here after the worst night bus of the trip. Thoroughly searched as we went onto the bus, and then throughout the night men with big guns came on the bus for passport checks and MORE bag searches, which slightly destroyed any hope of sleep! And, with the air con on its highest, it was so so cold! But we were the only 2 on the big bus, so were able to spread out and get our own double seats, which was a tiny beam of light in the darkness! Anyway, arrived a little earlier than expected to the incredible humidity of a 7am Puerto Escondido, and got a taxi to a hostel recommended along the way...slightly disappointing. Completely dead end of the beach, and not a very nice area...a few surfers there and that's it. So seeing as we weren't surfing, there would be nothing else to do or go. So, after a night we looked around a different area, on a busier beach and nicer place and found, for 5 pounds a night, a cabaƱa with 2 beds, a fridge and kitchen, bathroom, and our own porch with a hammock! Pretty good find! And the beach across the road. We straight away went out to get food, me finding a massive box of frosties on deal to do me for the next 4 days meals, and Flic bought a box of cereal for breakfast, also on deal. Unfortunately hers had some maggots in, so we had to take them back...mine were only a little stale. Ha. So, over the next 3 nights we didn't do too much, the heat and humidity restricted much activity. But we experienced an incredible thunderstorm. First with flash lightening which lit up everything, and it was like strobe lighting! Less of the thunder, though when that came it was rather scary! Ha. But it made it all cooler for a while. And the waves MASSIVE!! We went out for free cocktails later the same night (My cocktail was actually undrinkable, Ive no idea what was in it but NOT what i ordered!), and saw the 4 metre or so waves up close, all rather exciting. But more so was the storm that had moved on to over the sea, and hand turned into fantastic purple fork lightening! Was really amazing over the sea. Over the rest of our stay at the beach we had a nice relaxing time reading, tanning and trying to get crabs out of our room! Though the tanning was slightly limited, as it was so unbearably hot, even lying down doing nothing! So a no-go between 1 and 4pm. By the time we left for Oaxaca we were ready for some slightly cooler weather..

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