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So, arrived in Managua on the 8th and came straight down here to Leon, one of the bigger Nicaraguan towns towards the beach. It is SO hot in Nicaragua, Leon is supposedly the hottest town in the country. I would believe it. If you were caught outside between 11.30 and 3 you would die! So it was a good job our hostel was a nice place to relax and read during that time. We didn't do too much here, we went to the Cathedral and went on the roof to get the views of the 5 Volcanoes that they seem to be so so proud about! Also to an old political prison which was hilarious. The guide took us around on the top of the walls where the guards would have patrolled 30-odd years ago, but there were rails missing, some off the whole sides, and then obstacles such as trees and tin roofing that was across it. Definitely wouldn't be allowed in England. Health and Safety would go NUTS!! But it was an experience. We also picked our own mangoes from their trees, which we were able to have later once ripened. There were so many English people in our hostel. Such a strange experience for us, normally its Americans! Two of them were 23 and told us about this trip that they were doing which we joined them on. For a day and a night, travel to a school and do a turtle awareness show for the 5 year olds, and watch them beat to bits the piñatas! Generally play with them, and then after lunch we headed to the beach to spend the afternoon having a surfing lesson and then being able to surf as much as we wanted. It was so hard! My upper body strength isn't too good, but I managed to stand up twice! Also wiped out a few times...but it was good fun, and tiring! Then we spend the evening, after a delicious fresh fish supper, just chatting by the fire, and listening to the guitar. Was such a lovely evening! The next day I got up earlier to have a last surf, though the waves weren't great. Then breakfast and back to Leon! Was so exhausted, and then got really ill, throwing up, etc, all night which wasn't too much fun. Today we took a bus back to Managua for a last night before our 5am bus, which wasn't too much fun feeling the way I did! Thankfully there was a telly in our room, and a bathroom so I spent the day being ill and watching crap on the box which was all I could manage.

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