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After an incredibly bumby boat ride, we arrived on the tropical shore of San Pedro, the other side of the lake to Panajachel. Our first night was spent in a hostel other travellers had recommended to us, and it was horrific. 2.50 pounds, but the beds were so so hard, I woke up the next morning with a bruised hip! So we went on a hostel hunt, and after bargaining wonderfully, came to 20 Quetzales a night (for 4 nights min) for a twin ensuite with a roof, kitchen and only us in it. (20 quetzales is about 1.60 pounds)

So here we stayed for the remaining 5 nights (stayed an extra one) of our time in San Pedro. Using the roof to tan on..and sneak a peak at the not-so-gorgeous next doors hostel owner, where we could see into the courtyard where he occasionally tended to his washing starkers. Lovely. Wondering around the beautiful town of San Pedro, the streets being more alleyways, just big enough for a tuk cars, or other roads.

One day we went out on a 3 hour horse ride through another village, and along the side of the lake to a couple of points to stop and admire the incredible views of lake and volcanoes, and to the beach. On the beach were both indigenous men and women..but on opposite sides of the beach. Both bathing, washing hair, etc, and regardless of the obvious separate bathing rule, the women still went in topless, with their long skirts on still, but either bras or..nada on top!

Was a really lovely day to do it..beautiful views and nice to see other parts of Lake Atitlan. The weather was perfect, hot, but with a breeze, though a little hazy some days. Though not perfect for Flic as she was looking into doing paragliding, which would be incredible here..but the wind was either too strong or there was none, so she never managed it.

So, after a week in San Pedro, we headed back on the 7am boat across the idyllic waters back to Panajachel for a last day and night in Guatemala before our 9hour van-trip into MEXICO tomorrow!

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