Chris + Kats Asian Adventure 2011 travel blog

Had to get up super early to get a bus to Sihanoukville for 10 days of beachy rest! The bus was nice, good aircon ant the trip was cool. Lots of nice scenery but soooo much rubbish. It was everywhere. All in the ditches at the sides of the roads. All the Cambodians just seemed to be lying in hammoks underneath there houses on stilts. The bus station was really far out of town so got a taxi to hotel. Had boked already so room was readyy and hotel was nice. About 5minutes walk fromt he beach. We went straight out to look at beach and get a few bits, beach was so nice we quickly went back and changed and went to sunbath! There are sun loungers all along the beach outside of different bars/restaurants. The beers were 50c and the food around $2 - $3. It started to rain lare afternnon and we moved inside a bar to finish our drinks and got talking with Dammein, who works in a restaurant nes tto where we stay and who do curry nights on a sunday. Perfect! Chris' birthday tommorow and guess what day it is!!! We had dinner at ours and watched football before bed.

Chris' Birthday!!!! We spent the day on the beach relaxing, having a few beers and getting swarmed by the hawkers! Trying to sell us everyting from massages to friut to bracelets. At one point there must have been around 12 around us. A bit annoying seens as we didnt want anything! We lost $20 in the sea as it came out of Chris' pocket! bum! he sun caught us really quick and had to hide under a brolly most of the afternoon. After the beach we went to meet Dammien at the curry place. He had invited a few others and there were 6 of us in the end. The food was good and the beer flowed. The restaurant gave us a free bottle of bubbly and a brownie for Chris with a candle in!Was a really good evening and had to walk Chris up the road by the end!


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