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Sorry people, have had a hard time finding fast internet throughout Cambodia! Alot to catch up on!

Last we left you we had gotten to Bangkok ready to take flgiht to Phnom Pehn in Cambodia. The flight was so short! The drinks attendants were not even a third of the way down the plane when it was time to land! Nice and easy flight though.

When we landed we had to get some money from the cash point. Cambodia uses US Dollars as it's main currency, anything less than $1 gives you change in Riel. There are 4000 riel to a dollar. Anyway, the cash point gave ur 2 $100 bills! Great, we can't get a tuktuk with that, so we had to buy a pepsi for $1 dollar to break it! The people in the cafe thought the bill was fake! You'd think they know the cash point is giving them out.

The tuk tuk was our first tuktuk ride so far. It was so much fun. The tuktuk's in Thailand are just 1 vehicle, a kind of 3 wheeler, but in Cambodia they are a little carrige pulled behing a moterbike. The tuktuk's were racing each other we think. Not the best idea considering we saw a girl knocked off of her moped. The streets were manicaly busy. We got to town and found a guesthouse by the lake called The Happy Guest House. Was very nice with free poll and free internet and a nice restaurant. We just chilled with beers that evening meeting other people.

The next day we were a bit hungover and decided for a lazy day. Stayed in guesthouse all day uploading photos and checking out with other poeple good places to go. The most lazt day so far! (But not since!!) Oh yeah!!! Chris decided to stroke a dog! We've been steering clear of dogs as no rabies vacs. Well, the dog only went to bite his hand off! Silly Chris!

The next day we weren't much more adventurous. Pool Day!! Spent all day there, was only round the corner from our place. Very nice hotel too! Ate at ours and had a drink before bed!

Finally we made an effort to go out and see what Phnom Pehn had going for it!

We headed out towards the city centre. On the way we passed Wat Phnom. Founded by a lady called Pehn, hence the city being Phnom Pehn! We didnt go right in but climbed the hill it was on, and saw the monkeys around the edges. From there we walked along the riverside, Sisowarth Quay. Was a really nice promenade with alot of French colonial style biuldings. When we got to the Royal Palace it was shut for siesta, so we carried on towards independance monument through the city gardens. Independence monument was like a khmer style stupe (the tall bit in the middle of the temple, a kind of steeple). There was an advert for free thai boxing that afternoon near where we stay, so we decided to go. First we went to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. It used to be a primary school, then when the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975 it was turned into S21 security prison. It really was horrible. A big part of Cambodia's history, and in a way unmissable, but so very very tragic. First you came to the rooms that were used to torture, with photos of how bodies were found when the prison was liberated. The actual beds and torture instruments still in the rooms. Then was room after room of photos of every person who went through the prison. Out of thousands, only 7 people were alive there when the Vietnamese got there. The phots were so very sad, all of the women with there hair cut into a short bob. The children were so cute. And worst was to see the people who smiled in thier pictures. These were some of the first prisoners, obviously not knowing what was going to happen. There were some rooms with a few survivor stories from people who became Khmer Rouge soilders, all very moving. IN the gardens of the school were the graves of the 14 people found there and at the nearby killing fields. We thought it didn't seem very nice to bury them at the place where thousands were tortured, including themselves, but someone must have thought it was. The Vietnamese liberated Cambodia in 1979, and the prison was opened as a museum in the same year.

We were going to go to the kiling fields in the afternoon but because of the free thai boxing we didn't. The thai boxing was sooooo good! Eventhough it was free we were later told it was quite important fights and was on TV live too. About 6 fights, each one was better than the last. No one seemed to support a fighter, they just all liked it when a good punch or kick was given! An early night followed, was a busy day.

We had planned to go to the Royal palace today, and then the kiling fields, but when we got up we both decided that we couldn't really face another day with the sadness of the killing fields. So off we went to the palae. A nice walk again, but was soo hot, even at 8.30am. Cambodia is a different kind of heat to North Thailand, very humid, and a bit hotter. When we got to the Palace it was doublethe price we were told, so we couldn't afford it! bum! We were so hot we decided on another pool day! We stopped at the central market on the way which was very underwhelming and were soooo hot by the time we got to the pool we nearly collapsed into it! We went out for dinner int he evening and had a few to many beers before heading back to pack. Strangley we didn't fit it all in!!!

Off to Sihanoukville next for beach time!!

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