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Lunch in Pierre

Fovant Badges carved into the hilliside

Fovant Badges


We pack up Pierre with all our worldly goods and travel along the coast to Margate – for no other reason except to go to Margate.

We then turn West and make our way through Canterbury, Ashford again, Uckfield, East Grinstead and finally to Crawley where we spend the night.

Probably isn’t much in terms of kilometres however we stick to the lessor roads where possible and sometimes even one car width lanes all of which take a lot of concentration and driver and navigator are quite weary by the end of the day.

Not having a GPS we have a lot of ‘fun’ – taking the long way round when we miss a road, circling round-abouts a couple of times while we work out which way to go.

We find it frustrating that we are unable to see a lot of the countryside because of the hedges and the roads do not have scenic stops where we can see panoramas or take photos. Sometimes it is just a case of stopping in the middle of the road and hoping no one comes along. Certainly the views would be better if we were sitting high up in a bus.

Where we stop for the night is usually determined by the price of the accommodation (as long as it is in the vicinity of where we want to be). We use a site called late.com and can quite often get rooms at less than a quarter of the normal price. The room in Crawley reduced from 120 to 40. Travellodge also promote 19 pound rooms but we haven’t been lucky enough to score on of these yet.

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