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Been here for a couple of days now. Off to another part of the lake on Monday, as there isn't a whole lot to do in Panajachel. Just a lot of markets and stuff. But it is pretty. One main street that leads straight down to the lake, with a really lovely feel to it. Cheaper than Antigua too which is a plus! Our first day here, Friday 29th we just spent walking around the town, seeing whats available. A nice chilled out day. Then at 5pm that day, were back at our hostel, ready to meet a guy who was going to be taking us to his house, as we had arranged a homestay for the night in a village just outside Panajachel. We took an incredibly cramped chicken bus up to his town called San Jorge. i was sitting in the aisle, half on one seat and half on the other. We literally could not breath! We arrived at his house, on the side of the hill, and met his wife - Anna, and 15 month old daughter - Nidia. They were such a lovely, happy family. And we learnt that they live in a house with his sister, and his other sister lives above, with her family, a common way in their town. We also discovered that they had people for homestays at least 2 nights a week..but more often 3. Though they probably get a fair bit of money from it, on top of his original job, it must be hell! Repeating answers to the same questions again and again. But oh well. We had an amazing time. We helped make tortilla...I didn't seem to possess the skill... and then we dressed up in Anna's clothes..traditional attire for all the women. Men don't wear them as the whole outfits would cost too much, or so we were told. Then we had a delicious supper with the tortilla, rice, chicken and tomato. With a corn water and sugar drink which they have on special occasions. After supper we went on a walk with Anna down to their church where some women were preparing the floats for the celebrations for Sante Jorge, which start today, and continue until Tuesday. So right now there are massive bangs going off..supposedly fireworks. Sound like cannons! In the morning we had breakfast at nearly 8ish. Of course, with tortillas, lots of them and...Spaghetti bolognese! odd breakfast, but very tasty! Then we packed up, said our goodbyes and left our lovely hosts VERY full of tortillas. We went for a little wander for an early morning view of the lake, which was exquisite! So beautiful. Then we headed back into Panajachel for a last couple of nights before heading over to San Pedro, the other side of the Lake.

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