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Crossing the border into Malaysia was really easy and we were quickly heading towards our first stop Melaka. There are three main reasons to visit Melaka 1-the history, 2-the food and night markets, 3-there is a man who can put his finger through a coconut! 3 being the winner for us. On discovering that the bus station was not the one we thought it was, we were safely guided to a friendly hostel by a helpful American. Time to explore Melaka. We spent the day wandering through the old city and china town. We found lots of cool temples and an old Malay house which we were shown round by an energetic old man who wanted to take pictures for us in every room. Thought we found an exciting old museum which was potentially in fact an old furniture shop, might have been a reason it was free to enter. A more exciting cultural experience was a visit to the replica of the Sultans house which was made without nails. Turns out a lot of buildings are made without nails but a cool museum anyway. After exploring more of the town it was time to investigate what Malay delicacies we could find for dinner and to head to the night Market. We wanted real Asian food so headed away from the nice clean looking cafes on the main street and take a sneaky side road for a more local spot. Now as neither of us speak symbols we weren't entirely sure what was being served up at this little cafe/kitchen/thing. We were pretty sure that the four things on the list were different types of fried noodle and it smelt great, although be careful not to choke to death on the chilli fumes! Picking a symbol of choice we excitedly waited for our dinner to arrive, pretty sure we scared all the locals away. All the food is freshly cooked, we watched the little lady cook it in the corner. After munching heartily on our noodle delight we headed into the night Market and were slightly over-whelmed by the amount of exciting foods. 

Despite being full we decided to make the most of the Market delicacies. Pineapple, green and red bean types things are used a lot around here. Ice, green and red beans and some type of sticky brown sauce make for an interesting desert, not to be repeated. Deciding that we shouldn't spend our whole travelling budget on food in one night we started looking for the coconut man. Sadly he was not performing tonight, dreams shattered it was time to leave Melaka.

Kuala Lumpur was the next destination,hosted by friendly couchsurfers Ash and Parth. We spent the day walking around most of the city, saw the famous Petronas towers - very shiny! We found lots of little markets, lots of temples, was interesting to see a more traditional Malay village especially with views of skyscrapers just behind. At the wet market we tried some curious fruit, mangosteen is tasty although still haven't plucked up the courage to try durian fruit - it Stinks!!!!! 

We met up with Parth and one of his friends to head up the KL tower with great views over the city as the sun set. Lots more pictures of the Petronas towers and an enormous illuminous camel on the side of a hotel. Potentially the highlight of our trip to KL were the free activities (definitely wouldn't have paid money for these) at the base of the KL tower. I'm pretty sure they are free as you can't put a price on the joy of sitting on a horse and being led around a thrilling 10m lap of a small gazebo. We were very fortunate that Parth and his friend didn't want a go, so we got two laps each, it was hard to contain the excitement!! We also got a little go on a formula 1 simulator, turns out you don't need a break and you can flip them, and got free entry into a little zoo thing. Pretty much a bunch of probably illegally imported snakes from South America and SE Asia, with a few monkeys and the chance to hold a cockatoo. Overwhelmed by all the excitement we headed back to where we were staying and eventually after too much chatting, Anna was getting very hungry, we headed into china town and to find more Market food for dinner. Lots more mystery tasty food and our bellies were content. Stopped by a little bar on the way home before bedtime and some well needed sleep, too much excitement for the likes of us old ladies.

In the morning we headed to the Batu caves. Basically a mahussive cave with shrines and temples inside and guarded by the biggest gold statue we have ever seen! The monkeys inside provided much entertainment, hmm picking grub from your friends butt. Discovering that we can't pass as children in Asia we headed back to the apartment and then for our bus bound to the jungle alison's favourite place :)

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