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Leaving Dana Point Harbor

An audience of pelicans watches us sail away

Our on board naturalist

Looking back at Dana Point

A bevy of California sea lions basking in the sun on a...

The water was soooo blue!

Beginning to spot some dolphins

They were just under the water

They were just here jumping out of the water! What happened?

Mama and baby dolphin

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Slightly bumpy

(MP4 - 1.63 MB)

The Children's boat screaming at the waves

(MP4 - 1.24 MB)

Bobbing sea lions

(MP4 - 961 K)

Best dolphin shot all day

We had a chance to meet one of the Foretravel gurus on Monday. Barry and his wife Darlene met us for lunch. Barry knows so much about Foretravels that he has a website just chock full of information, and if he doesn't know it, he knows where to find it! We had a great lunch getting to know these two and hope that we meet again along the road.

On Tuesday, we drove about 40 miles to the south to Dana Harbor to take our whale watching cruise - Groupon of course. It was a nice drive, and the Dana Point harbor is lovely. I had a great time just enjoying the boat ride which is a good thing since we didn't see any whales; hence the title of my blog. They had seen four grey whales and two blues the day before, and had even seen a mother whale nursing her baby. But thar she blew not for us. We did see some dolphins, but since we only saw 5 or 6 at a time and they usually see hundreds, they gave us a whale check ticket. We can come back anytime and take the cruise again.

It was fairly choppy getting out, and a boat was next to us full of elementary school age kids who just squealed every time the boat dipped and bumped. The weather was perfect- beautiful blue skies and ocean. I tried manfully to take pictures of the dolphins, but seemed to always get them just AFTER they jumped.

On the way back we drove the Pacific Coast Highway (or the PCH as the locals call it) all the way back to Seal Beach. Lovely little and big beach towns and beautiful views of the ocean. We'll come back to Huntington Beach later to bring Madison back to the Dog Beach. In 2008, she nearly killed herself swimming so much. We're going to limit the water time this year.

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