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Anzac Day, got up for Dawn service at Memory Park Penrith, we go nearly every year and last week we were trying to work out where we would be by today and never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be back in Penrith.It was really busy which is good to see more people are honouring the our soldiers.

It was was Richards(Amys boyfriend) first time and it rained the whole time,so it wasn't that great for him but we still go because our soldiers couldn't just stay in bed if it was raining!!!

Its still raining now so we are just relaxing, John is reading The Wanderer"(traveling maz), kids are watching a video and i have been cleaning and washing, not that I'm going to get anything dry!

Yesterday Easter Sunday sent most of the day with my parents and family which is really nice, then we went home to get more clothes,then dropped Amy at Richard's then went back to Jimmy's. i went to church and boy it was great to back in church and to honour God for the sacrifices he made!

A family is moving into our house next Friday so i hoped they will be blessed and they will love the house and look after it!!!

We are of to John's mums today if we can get of the lounges!

Hope your Easter long weekend was spent loving your family and friends and thanking God!


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