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As I arrive in Melbourne I am ambushed by Al just as I come out of the tube from the plane. I am utterly caught by surprise and probably cry like a little much for twins' psychic power, I nearly fainted! We hug and laugh in a typically airport sort of way, then as history and tradition dictate....we go to the pub. This turns out to be an "Oirish" affair, so I drink Australian lager as a protest.

While we're waiting we watch the runway, trying to guess which is Sam's plane arriving from Auckland, then head down to the arrival gate (why do they call it a gate , it's much more like a fence?) and when Sam finally appears from behind the 'Stars in their eyes" doors, we have a 'Love Actually' moment. Sam has been stopped by anyone who could stop her, (and a few who could't by the sound of it), so we decide she just must have a guilty face.

We continue the welcomes when we meet jack, who the pub with his footy team...that boy has wasted no time in reacclimatising now he's home again. The rest of the eveining passes in a blur of "how yer goin"s and "good on yer"s and snatches of news and vague planning for the week ahead. We are soon 'tired and emotional' and after a few more at home it's time for bobos.

The morning starts bright and early with the arrival of Tim (this man never sleeps), I say a fuzzy hello but the momentum is soon lost and it is lunchtime before we get going. Our main port of call is the Melbourne Museum, (not least for the obligatory squint at the 'Helen Daniel's kitchen' from the set of neighbours. It is a fantastic building, which we really should have allowed more time for. On our way home we make a stop at Time and Melissa's to meet the new addition to the family, Master Robby Reardon; a gorgeous little bundle, who knows exactly when to pull a little face or wave his arms for the maximum 'ahh' effect.

After this we head home for an earlyish night, with a big journey ahead of us tomorrow.

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