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sleepy in hammock

We left Krabi this morning and travelled for 3 hours by road, taking two ferries before arriving at Ko Lanta. Our journey was a little odd as our driver kept stopping every five minutes and we all had to clamber out. This was o.k. as we were in a mini bus crammed with people and rucksacks and leaving even briefly was a relief. First he stopped for coffee (for him). Then we all had to clamber out for an admin check, exchanging our ticket for a sticky label. Then when we had just got settled into the bus we stop for petrol at a 7/11 shop. When we arrive at the ferry the driver looked very nervous and said he was worried about driving the bus onto the ferry. He makes us get out and have a look. Having first told us to get on the ferry on foot he then has a change of mind and herds us back on the mini bus. When he successfully gets the bus on the ferry, spontaneous applause breaks out led by John.

The transfer to the next ferry goes smoothly and we are soon driving down the streets of Ko Lanta. We had been advised that it was a quiet island but were getting somewhat concerned as it looked totally desolate during our journey to the main resort area. Even when the bus driver announced that we had arrived at our hotel we looked surprised as there seemed to be nothing there at all.

However after checking in we discovered paradise. Our accommodation consisted of little chalet bungalows that circled a large swimming pool, but even better we were right on the sandy beach front. There was also a very cheap bar/café with floor cushions overlooking the ocean and at the other end a massage shack on the beach. Eva spent much time lying in a hammock by the sea and we both decided that we wanted to stay here forever - this is paradise.

We spend idyllic days around the pool, wander the beach and watch the sunset in the evenings. At night we wander down the beach eating and drinking at the various bars/shacks on the beach, listen to great music, and watch the occasional fire show. As the locals swirl fire sticks around their heads we sit at candle lit tables talking to our multinational friends (from New Zealand, Sweden and Finland) that we have met en route. Every so often one of us will wander down to the beach to listen to the sea and stare into the vastness of space above our heads, taking in the stars in all their magnificence.

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