Jim & Linda's 2011 New Zealand Adventures travel blog

This is not meant to be critical but is just an observation of things that are different in New Zealand.

New Zealander's: never, never tip. Restaurants pay their employees. What a novel idea! If a tip jar is present it is for the earthquake victims in Christchurch or some other charity.

Most New Zealander's don’t use clothes dryers, just a clothes line.

Fish & Chips is wrapped in paper, tartar sauce & or tomato sauce are sometimes extra.

New Zealander's usually text because cell phone calls are very expensive and calls are not free to others on the same network.

BLT sandwiches are made with ham or Canadian bacon instead of fried bacon.

Hamburgers often have a sliced beet in them. They might also be made from lamb.

Most restaurants offer their dinners as “Take Away” or "Eat In".

Coffee is either short black, long black, white or flat white.

Pizza toppings include Chicken, Curry, Shrimp, Coconut, Calamari, Clams, Baby Octopus, Smoked Salmon, Kumara chips (sweet potato), Sweet chili, Venison.

Breakfast can include toast with spaghetti or beans on top

If your dinner includes salad it will be delivered with your meal, not before.

A pickup is a woman, not a truck.

Auto body shops are called “Panelbeaters”

Every motel will have a container of milk for your coffee

McDonald's are fancy McCafe’s with free WI-FI.

Kitchen and bath room sinks usually have rubber stoppers on a chain.

Showers have Stainless steel floors.

Light switches are always up for off

Every electrical outlet has a switch and they always turn them off when out of use.

Motels have very few electrical outlets, haven’t found one yet with a plug near the table for the computer.

Most motels charge for WI-FI.

Kitchen sinks and counter tops are usually stainless.

Doorknobs are usually chest high.

Hot water is usually on the right side but not always.

Bathrooms often have a drain in the floor near the toilet.

The toilet is almost always in a separate room from the sink.

Toilets have buttons instead of levers.

See lots of bare feet in restaurants and stores

Groceries are expensive, 500g (1/2) qt of Best Foods Mayo $8.54, 3L box of wine= $25, Milk $6 per 3 liters.

There are 70 million possums and they are cute, they don’t look anything like ours. They make sweaters, hats and gloves from possum and merino.

We saw herds of Red Deer and elk; they were all fenced in farmer’s fields. We did not see any wild ones.

We have seen many wild turkeys in fields along roads.

Diesel is about $1.66 per liter and gas is $2.30 per liter. Prices seldom vary at all from station to station.

Most power poles are concrete and have a metal possum collar 15’ up.

A high percentage of horses have blankets on them.

This country has hills and narrow twisty roads everywhere.

Many private RV’s have names on them.

There are very few pickup trucks but most cars have trailer hitches, even small cars.

Most NZ homes outside of the city have large water tanks and collect rainwater from the roof gutters.

Most ATV’s have large mud flaps like a truck.

Almost every town has a war memorial for WWI & WWII

There are more micro kick scooters than skateboards, we often saw kids riding to and from school on micro scooters.

Scotch broom covers both Islands thanks to Captain Cook who brought it from England.

In outlying areas many churches only meet once or twice a month.

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