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Mountains in Montana

Columbia River Gorge and the tip of Mt Hood

We made a pretty quick trip back to Portland - we talked about spending some time in Montana or Idaho, but decided that a) we needed to get to Corvallis to find an apartment and b) this stuff is pretty close by if we want to return. It's amazing that we're nearly to the end of the trip!! It seems a bit surreal!

After TR National Park, we jetted past Missoula, Montana, and slept in a rest stop, then blasted through Idaho and Washington to Oregon the following day. It was an incredibly sunny, clear day, so the desert in Eastern Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge and Mt Hood looked amazing. Plus it felt great to see all the familiar things we've come to love so much out here!

We got into Portland at about 4:00 and immediately headed to check out our old house (which appears to now be occupied), then to the library, then to STUMPTOWN COFFEE. Phenomenal. Afterward we went for dinner at our old Thai haunt, Sivalaya. Amazingly enough, the owner Jose remembered our names and approximately how much time we'd been gone. Along with all the other customary free stuff at Sivalaya (appetizer, drinks and dessert have always been free), he brought us a large soup to share. I love this place!

Today we're off to Corvallis to try to find a place to live - (when Jose asked us where we were living now, our response was "In our car"). We'll let everyone know how this goes in our final posting in a few days.

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