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Fiji Day 10, 11 &12 - Beach House We arrived just after 9pm last night, checked in and we were shown to a grassy area to pitch our tent for the next three days. There is only one other tent here so we had choice of where we wanted to pitch it. The resort has a lot of dorm rooms as well as private cabins. It's a remote area situated on a secluded beach, no other resorts nearby. All the staff is very friendly, Rosa serves us breakfast and made sure she knew our names. There are bathroom and shower facilities near our tent which is handy as well as a laundry line to hang any wet clothes. Our breakfast and afternoon tea are included in our three day stay with purchase of lunch and dinner if required. There are many backpackers staying here and we have managed to befriend Karen and her daughter Kate from . Two very personable and kind hearted individuals who joined us for dinner the second night we were here, great company and good conversation. There are a lot of different nationalities here, appears to be mostly Europeans, however there are two other couples here representing Canada as well, could tell by how white they were. (Joking)

Breakfast is between 7 - 8:30am and consists of toast, wheat-a-bix cereal, orange juice, coffee and tea. Sometimes there is fresh bananas as well. Afternoon tea is at 3:30pm and includes tea, coffee and homemade banana biscuits. When afternoon tea time arrives Juita (local villager) bangs a wooden stick on a log three times which is a signal to all that the biscuits have arrived. They are served warm and with butter and your choice of strawberry or banana jam.

There is a fixed lunch menu you can order from and dinner meals change everyday posted on a chalk board in early afternoon. We have been eating our protein bars, beef jerky and left over groceries we have been carrying around with us. For dinner the second night we ordered 1 fresh grilled mahi mahi dish with a side order of "chips". For a late afternoon snack for our last day here we ordered the fresh cassava root fries which were very tasty.

Over the course of the two full days we had at the beach House we played pool, ping pong, laid in the hammock on the beach, read our books, kayaked and relaxed. They have happy hour between 5pm to 7pm which we partook in a few Fiji Bitters, very good. We attended a demonstration by Mila on how to make coconut leaf hats, mats, bags, fish, bows and birds. Jason made himself a hat with the help of Mila, pretty sharp looking in that hat he is. I managed to make a bird also with the aid of Mila, he is very quick and takes him seconds to produce these wonderful items. There are three dogs present here belonging to the owner of the beach House, we enjoy watching them chase after the crabs on the beach. All in all our stay here was great, nice remote area that teaches you to just tune everything out and relax. The Beach House is where most tourists come to stay on the island, with that said we are glad we did not choose to stay on the big island the entire time because the Yasawa islands should not be missed. Tremendous beauty and wonderful Fijians make Fiji an awesome destination.

Fiji Day 13 Nadi Town - We left the Beach House around 4:30pm boarding a bus bound for Nadi. This time the ride was a little longer and at first we were not seated together but after our first main stop in Sagitoka we were able to sit with one another. We managed to see a bit of the mainland before the sun set,

beautiful lush trees and rolling hills by the coast line. We had help from a local teacher who told us what stop to get off at and where to catch a taxi. We arrived at Luisa and Tom's around 8:30pm to be welcomed by Ratu and Tom. Ratu carrying our bags into our room for the night. They had just finished eating and kindly offered us some of their dinner which consisted of beef liver fried with onion and garlic (very good) and steamed rice with homemade buns. I tried to help Ratu out with the dishes but again he smiled and told me to go and sit down to relax with my tea. Phi arrived with two girls both originally from Spain but currently living in Sydney Australia. They came to Fiji for a week to renew their Visa's for Australia. Domoko and Shio were still there, Shio happy to see us again and played a bit with Ratu and Jason before going to bed.

We organized our bags in preparation for our flight out to New Zealand tomorrow at 8am. Tom is going to drive us to the airport at 6:30am before he goes to church.

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