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Finally on the road,after a good bawl, an emotional farewell!

It has been such a busy time to get away, packing up the house, cleaning, painting,saying goodbye.

Its a bit like a roller coaster, its scary and you know it will be fun but its just getting to the top thats a bit overwhelming.

Once we started it was fine but it wasn't long when i hit a bump, we got to Bell bird Hill and i stalled the troopy while towing the van. Wasn't a great feeling and i must admit i panicked because all i could see is cars coming around a blind corner and i just prayed that no one would hit us. After 5 attempts and Amy calling out to dad on the CB we need help, i got it going.(good practice for my hill starts!)

We had lunch at Bell, and i was glad to get out of the car,the rest of the trip was fine and boy it was good to get into the open country, we have some beautiful country and i kept asking Rebecca to take photo's.

we stopped at Capertee for a break and the kids, (well John though it was great to throw a stone a the tin dunny, scarred me half to death but all i could hear was laughing out side.

We are parked in a vacant block next door to one of johns friends house in Mudgee

had a lovely afternoon and learning to relax

love susan

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