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Back On Dry Land, We Passed This Beautiful Mosque In Kuala Besut...



We were a little worried about the return trip across the open ocean because of the rough weather, but surprisingly enough, it wasn’t much different than our outward ride. We did make quite a circuitous route because we crossed over to three different complexes on Kecil in order to pick up and drop off passengers. We didn’t mind too much because it gave us a chance to see what the accommodations were like. I was worried that the to and fro on the water might make me sea sick, but I managed well. I was happy to see the Kuala Besut boat dock when we got there.

It’s clear that we had arrived well ahead of the high season on the islands because there were so few other travellers, and when we set off to look for a taxi to take us south to the nearest city, Terengganu, there were many men standing around their vehicles waiting for fares. David stuck up a conversation with an older man, and in short order; we were piling into his van and heading down the highway.


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