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Well, our last day on the 'tour' was the 7th March, and we went to visit Fray Jorge National Park which was a small rainforest within the desert..very odd. Apart from this though, it was just travelling down to Santiago, which took rather a long time! Arriving at 7ish to meet Francisco (who's house we were visiting). Overall it had been a really lovely few days with the group...though a lot of driving!

So we got back to Franciscos house, and quickly had to adjust to the fact that they had 2 maids. Now this is something i am definitely NOT used to! But we settled in, then meet the one sister who was home, Andrea, and the Mother, Katherine, to have a beer and Cheese and biscuits - brought by the maid - whilst waiting for their dad to get back from work. We ended up eating around 10ish, with the big table...a more grandeur event the first two supper experience than the rest.

Had some really delicious food at their house, and they were all so generous! Though the mother and Father worked a lot, and the other two at Uni, Flic and I were left to our own devices, which was really lovely! Just relaxing by the pool! Though it was a little odd, but nice, getting used to having maids!

Andrea's friend from Moreton Hall, Freya, came to stay too, which was really nice, so there were a few of us. We got a nice tour around Santiago from one of Andreas friend, spent an afternoon in their Sauna..even had a bit of a work-out in their gym! The usual..ha! We also were invited along to one of Andrea's friend's Birthday Party's which was really lovely, got to taste some real Chilean food, and his band was playing too. Really good fun! Their parents even paid for us all to go out for a meal too! We had such a lovely time! Got very burnt too though, sunbathing!

Then we were off to Buenos Aires! To return in 2 weeks!

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